A North Fork Weekend

The North Fork of Long Island is beautiful, serene, and very relaxing. Beaches, vineyards, local food, and friends make for a good weekend.

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island

North Fork Long Island


Fall 2013 Trends From Milan

Prada Fall 2013

by Julie Gordon

Italy has a long standing fashion history. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi, and Diesel are just some of the brands that are Italian-made. Italy has introduced many innovations in the fashion industry over the years, ranging from clever ways of cloth-making, to distinctive designs for runways. Although the first ever Italian fashion show took place in Florence in the 50s, the venues that showcase fashion trends shifted to Rome, and eventually to Milan. Along with these location changes, Italian designers were beginning to make a name for themselves. Current household names, such as Roberto Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Brioni were emerging at that time.

Italian designers are among the favorites of celebrities, politicians, and even royalty. Jacqueline Kennedy wore a Valentino dress when she tied the knot to Aristotle Onassis. The iconic bold red shoes worn by Marilyn Monroe were created by Salvatore Ferragamo. The King of Pop himself was a fan of Borsalino hats.

Many designers now are trying to reach the masses through collaborations with high-street retailers. Versace is one example. One retailer that has done no collaborations but would be a good fit for the high-low mix is M&S Women. The company reaches many customers and takes environmental responsibility for their operations.

The Milan Fashion Week is undoubtedly a world fashion authority. Here are the dominant trends according to Focus on Style for Fall 2013:

· Vintage 1940s by Antonio Marras, Prada, and No. 21: peplum skirts and feminine streetwear; added personality by combining beadwork and plaids
· Wool, and plaid by Marni, Versace, and Gucci: powder blue instead of gray wool; grunge and punk inspired plaids
· Innovative sleeves by Genny and Dolce & Gabbana: alternative to traditional sleeves by featuring oversized cuffs; emphasized wide sleeves
· All-over prints by Missoni and Roberto Cavalli: graphic optical prints in robes
· Chunky heels by Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta: two-toned front-buckled shoes; lug sole with metallic patterns

Are You a Rebel? 10 Questions For Rebel Root designer Eva Riu + 50% Discount Code

Rebel Root Couple

by Nevena Rousseva

Many of us dream of being rebels at some point in our lives. A rebel breaks the rules, follows their own lead, and is always cool. Maybe in high school, maybe in college, or maybe even now. But for many of us the reality is we can’t be rebels in our daily lives. So enter Barcelona based clothing brand Rebel Root to give you a little bit of rebel. The core if the one-year-old company is sustainability and ethical production, but that does not mean that style has been sacrificed. In fact, the edgy clothing pieces will have you channeling your inner bad-ass as soon as you put them on.

I caught up with Eva over email about what her brand stands for, her inspiration, how she rebels in her daily life, and how they help protect the knowledge of artisans.

And for our readers Rebel Root is offering a 50% discount on all merchandise. See code below…..but first, read on!

What’s the concept behind Rebel Root?

Rebel Root is a new clothing and accessories brand, created in Barcelona for men and women. We have based all our work on Ethical Fashion, ensuring that our production and design chain respects and defends human rights and protects the environment. We have these principles in mind for everything, from production processes all the way to every fabric we work with.

What was your inspiration for the collection and what’s your process?

I usually listen to something on the radio that inspires me. During the creation of my last collection, I was captivated by “Colony Collapse”, a song by Filastine, who is a Barcelona’s based musician. I start by putting together all the ideas and concepts that I have with all the materials and fabric options at my disposal. After that I do a lot of sketching. For our collection we did hundreds of sketches. Once I have a clear idea of the designs, I meet with my artisans and work to make some samples. As soon as I get the samples I decide which ones will go into production.

Rebel Root

Who are these artisans?

On our website you can check the artisan who made each piece. Working with fair trade their standard of living has improved and they can now afford to save. Their work is appreciated and their name recognized.

Previous to RebelRoot you had a clothing line called the The Mystic Onion. Was that line based on, ethical fashion? If not, why did you transition to sustainable fashion with Rebelroot?

The Mystic Onion was a locally made brand. But I decided to take one more step, so I created RebelRoot. I am not only interested in how something is made, but also in the fabrics. I like to increase the capacity and wellbeing of the people and communities behind fashion.

Where is your clothing produced?

The clothing is produced all around the world depending on the product. The pieces made outside Europe have World Fair Trade Certification. Check this brief comparison between Fair Trade certified and standard producers.

What are the handcrafting techniques that you use?

Some of the fabrics are hand printed by Batik artisans in Indonesia. Made in Indonesia under very high standards of Fair Trade. The jewelry is made by our artisans with wood and glass beads techniques.

The editorial is very interesting- plants growing from people’s body parts, what is the idea behind it?

The name ‘RebelRoot’ is what inspired this concept. We all have a ‘Rebel Root’ inside of us that can come out. That, I imagined as a plant that grows inside of us, and comes out as leaves. It’s something that we grow; Rebels dreaming in a sustainable world.

Rebel Root
What does the name RebelRoot mean?

We always envisioned ourselves as a company that would create products with a very strong foundation on values and techniques. That said, we wanted to do so whilst elevating the design and established looks that most times other fair-trade companies use. We thought we could apply a much more modern, casual and elegant style to our products, but still have them evoke their origins, techniques and artisans behind them. A foundation as a root, and a rebel as a style equals RebelRoot.

Rebel Root

Do you rebel in your daily life? If so, how?

Nowadays we can buy many things, it’s easy and cheap. I try to think in every product that I buy. We still have the power of choosing, so we can be a conscious consumer.

What is the “protection of knowledge” concept?

It is key for us to support hand crafting throughout all aspects of our production chain. This ensures the future of the communities that collaborate with Rebel Root as well as allows them to make their own cultures known. We use traditional hand crafting techniques, on designs made in Barcelona.♥

To get some of these pieces click here. At checkout use the code ‘styleandthestartup’ to get 50% off!!

For more on Rebel Root and their commitment to ethical fashion click here.

Connect with Rebel Root: Facebook, Twitter

Rebel Root Woman

Hear This, Drink This, Wear This

By Lacey Rutter

Sometimes a song that puts you in a trans euphoric state of mind is a good thing.  “Your Drums, Your Love” by AlunaGeorge does that. There’s been hype around this UK duo since they dropped “You Know I Like It” over 2 years ago.


Hear this:  AlunaGeorge- Your Drums, Your Love, a smooth blend of bass, synth and R&B. A personal favorite from their much anticipated debut album which came out last week.


Drink This: Manhattan, a cocktail that, if you have more than one, can put you in a different state of mind.

Manhattan Drink


  • 2 oz rye whiskey
  • 1/2 oz sweet vermouth
  • 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters
  • Maraschino cherry for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes and stir well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry.

Wear this: Mariah dress by Frock LA

Mariah Dress Frock LA

This sexy bamboo jersey dress is perfect for an unpredictable night, full of Manhattans.  Get it here.

In Sustainable Fashion News…

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A Fashionable Way to Help, Attend the 2013 Heart A Cause Annual Party

Heart A Cause Invite

Have fun while helping out. Click here to purchase tickets and help raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Three Ingredients For Intrinsic Motivation


Play, Passion, Purpose

-from NYT Op-Ed Need a Job? Invent It