Bone Mountain Bristlecone Sells Centurieeees Old Wood

Bone Mountain Bristlecone Wood

Bristlecone on Bone Mountain


Yesterday we introduced you to designer Vanessa Chew who creates jewelry out of scrap wood pieces.

Today we introduce you to Bone Mountain Bristlecone, a company that sells pieces of pine wood that are centuries old, between 600-1000 years old!

Bristlecone on Bone Mountain

Wood that is between 600-1000 years old

Bone Mountain is a 12,000 foot high peak in the remote San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado. In the 1870s, Bone Mountain burned in a forest fire. The fire left behind a forest of burned trees that for another 130 years were sculpted by the harsh natural conditions. Around 1975 Jim Christy visited the mountain and soon after obtained a permit to collect the dead pinewood. Over the years Christy and his family have used the wood to create handmade products. The family also collected more dead trees than they know what to do with and are making some of this rare wood available for sale so that other crafts people and artists can have the pleasure of working with such unique wood.


Mountain Bristlecone Wood3

natural piece


If you are a crafts person or artist you can buy a block of wood for carving and other projects.

If you are not an artists or crafts person you can purchase a sculptural or natural piece of wood and use it for decoration.


Mountain Bristlecone Wood2

sculptural piece


So yes, you would literally be buying a piece of wood, but it’s a really really really old piece of wood that has not only lived for centuries but burned in a fire and then survived for another 150 years before it makes its way into your living room or office. So it’s really like owning an artifact. And that’s really cool!

For more info on Bone Mountain Bristlecone click here.

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