Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Relan

Relan Bag Smithsonian

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Ever wonder what happens to those billboards after they come down? Well, if you think people get together and burn the ones with the skinny models on them, you’re wrong. They end up in landfills. Over 600,000 tons of vinyl billboards and banner materials are tossed into landfills every year, after they’re used. Relan decided to do something about this. They re-purpose the tossed out billboards into all sorts of supercool items. Now, companies are getting on board with Relan and giving them their used billboards so they don’t have to go rummaging through landfills for them. Just kidding about the rummaging through landfills part. I think. Companies like Verizon and the Minnesota Zoo are working on special projects with Relan to make items centered around their model.

There are name tags, cell phone bags, diaper bags and shopping bags, among other things, that make super neat presents. What’s that? You think you have everything? Do you have a billboard??

Relan’s eco-conscious approach is not limited to the products they sell. They also do all of their designing and manufacturing locally in Minnesota. This reduces the use of fuel in transportation. They sew the bags on-site or use local helpers. And, in case you’re wondering, they do indeed clean them before re-purposing them. You’re not getting grime from the Minnesota highways with your product (unless that’s what you want. Relan aims to please).
Relan Bag Big Dopper

Big Dopper

Sooo…I went pretend-shopping in the Minnesota Zoo and Relan collaboration collection and picked up the Big Dopper. It’s a duffel bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. I love this bag because it’s super versatile. Use it as an overnight bag or as a gym bag. I love the vibrant design. It’s incredibly unique and fun.
For more information on Relan or to shop their collections click here.

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