Neodandi Fall 2013 Show


all photos Lindsay Adler

Neodandi_Runway-138 Neodandi_Runway-134 Neodandi_Runway-129 Neodandi_Runway-125 Neodandi_Runway-120 Neodandi_Runway-116 Neodandi_Runway-112 Neodandi_Runway-106 Neodandi_Runway-101 Neodandi_Runway-87 Neodandi_Runway-84 Neodandi_Runway-74 Neodandi_Runway-70 Neodandi_Runway-67 Neodandi_Runway-62 Neodandi_Runway-59 Neodandi_Runway-48 Neodandi_Runway-46 Neodandi_Runway-43 Neodandi_Runway-41  Neodandi_Runway-34

Last week NiiLartey De Osu presented his FW13 Neodandi runway show at EN Japanese Brasserie in the West Village. The collection was inspired by 12th century Japan and was split into 8 collections and opened with a solo editorial performance as models walked a more traditional square runway around the performer.

The first Neodandi NYC boutique will be opening in late February.

For more on Neodandi click here.

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