Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Amour Vert

 Envelope Clutch Dresses`

by Tabitha St. Bernard


Beautiful womenswear that focuses on sustainability and eco-responsibility? I can’t get enough of these lines. I happened upon Amour Vert in my search for today’s Eco-Fashion Pick and fell in love. Amour Vert is described as “a glamorous French take on utilitarian everyday sustainability”. Um, bring me some of that! There are many reasons why I love Amour Vert. Let me count the ways.
They maintain a Zero Waste Design philosophy. On average, 15% of the fabric used to make clothing is tossed out and ends up in landfills. That’s insane!! By adopting a Zero Waste approach, Amour Vert is seeking to waste less and use more wisely.
Amour Vert uses organic and sustainable fabrics as well as low impact dyes. In fashion, organic simply isn’t a buzz word. Using organic fabric can make a huge difference to your conscience and to the earth. Using low impact dyes is a major plus. Low impact dyes are classified as dyes that do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants, require less rinsing and have a higher absorption rate. The amount of water that goes to waste in the process of dyeing is a bit obscene.
Amour Vert is made right here, at home in the United States. That means that all that extra fuel that’s used to transport goods across seas? None of that is wasted in this company. It also means that when you buy Amour Vert, you help employ your neighbor. Yes, you do.
Now comes one of my favorite parts of this feature. It’s when I get to pretend shop and pick my favorites from the line.
Amour Vert Charlotte High Low Tunic

Charlotte High Low Tunic

I am obsessed with the Charlotte High Low Tunic. So maybe I’m a bit driven by trend here but the high low hem just adds this youthful vibe to clothing. The color is a mild blue. It’s not too pale as to wash you out but it’s pleasant enough to wear during summer and layer for Fall. I’m also a huge fan of anything that looks great on different body types and helps with problem areas. This beauty will mask your troublesome hips and camouflage that tummy. It skims the body, without clinging.
Amour Vert Biltmore Necklace

Biltmore Necklace

I’m wearing the Charlotte High Low Dress with the Biltmore necklace. How super chic is that? It’s made of Recycled Brass with a 14K cold overlay. This necklace can add a pop of cool to any outfit. It can also look super edgy with layers of thin necklaces, as well.
Amour Vert Envelope Clutch

Envelope Clutch

Last on my dream outfit list is this Envelope clutch in eggplant. I love clutches. Nothing says “I’m going to have so much fun tonight that I’m not going to need my hand sanitizer, pack of napkins, lip balm, extra pair of flats, book and Nook” quite like a slim, sexy clutch. Eggplant is black’s more interesting cousin. It adds a bit of dimension to a regular dark purse. This clutch is also made with reclaimed leather so rest easy, animals everywhere.
Amour Vert addresses sustainability from all aspects. If you can strive to be more eco-conscious in one area, why not many? For more information click here.

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