Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin represents all that’s good about local, eco-conscious fashion. Based in Alabama, this company has a few facets and could be better described as a lifestyle brand. First, there’s the delightful collection of easy-to-wear women’s clothing, made with fun prints and solids. The clothes aren’t driven by time-sensitive trends. You’re not likely to see them duplicated by Forever 21. They’re individualized items that are full of depth and personality. Why, you ask? Each garment is completely handmade by local artisans who work from home. Some garments can take 3 weeks to make or up to 3 months, if you’re looking for a wedding dress. They are cut, sewn and painted especially for each customer. The clothes are made of new, organic and recycled materials. They use lean method manufacturing. That means that the garments are made to order so there’s minimal excess. When you buy an item of clothing from Alabama Chanin, your piece is infused with love and care from the artisan.
They also offer a basics wardrobe. The pieces are seasonless. They include maxi dresses, tank dresses and wrap skirts done in basic blacks and browns. You can wear them now or 10 years down the road. They’ll always be chic and elegant.  Their denim line is made from organic cotton grown in Texas, spun into yarn in North Carolina and knit into fabric in North Carolina. How’s that for made in the USA? Their wholesome organic approach also travels into a home goods line, which is 100% organic.
My Picks:
Alabama Chanin Anna Jacket

Anna Jacket

I love Anna’s Garden Long Coat. It’s beautiful. Long coats in black are the most versatile. It fits the torso and flares gently at the waist, for a look that is universally flattering. The entire coat is hand stitched. I can’t even wrap my mind around that.
Alabama Chanin Polka Dot Wide Neck Dress

Polka Dot Wide Neck Dress

My second favorite item is the Polka Dot Wide Neck Dress. Perfect for Spring and Summer, this dress looks so easy to wear. Just slip it on with some flip flops and enter your warm weather fantasy.
Alabama Chanin is a lifestyle brand for the eco-conscious woman. Click here for more.

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