Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Skunkfunk


by Tabitha St. Bernard

Any clothing line that’s named Skunkfunk is just going to be awesome. I know it. Skunkfunk is a clothing label that does both menswear and womenswear, as well as accessories. Full of playful colors and fun designs, Skunkfunk’s female designs are for the woman that doesn’t take herself too seriously. She just wants to let loose and have a great time with her clothes. With geometric prints and cutout details, these clothes are exactly what you would expect from a label called Skunkfunk.


Skunkfunk Bag Skunkfunk Clutch.

I LOVE their accessories. From bowling bags to clutches, the bags emanate this punchy vibrant attitude. I’m choosing to write about them today not just because they’re insanely cute. Skunkfunk is today’s feature because of their dedication to sustainability. They have adopted this approach to their entire line. They tend to use recycled polyester, organic cotton and lyocell, Why are these better? Well, organic cotton, for example, is a natural fiber that is made without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Skunkfunk uses boats to transport their clothing. This reduces pollution and the amount of fuel used.



Skunkfunk is continually seeking ways to be more sustainable in their practices and they’re forging the way for others that are also trying to make a difference.

For more on Skunkfunk click here.

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