Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: ReKixx Sneakers

Picture 5

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Is anything we wear completely 100% recyclable? For REKIXX, the answer is definitely yes. REKIXX guarantees that the entire shoe is Landfill-Free. 300 billion shoes are tossed out every year. With REKIXX shoes, you can send them back to the manufacturer and they ensure that your shoes are recycled and do not end up in landfills.


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REKIXX shoes is the brainchild of Gary Gagnon, who can only be described as ‘crazy with a kick’. With the help of his two young boys, he started the company on a shoe string, no pun intended, budget and the shoes have now amassed quite a following. The shoes look like your typical canvas shoes but are actually made of a special blend polyresin. Every part of the shoe, right down to the sole and laces, can be recycled. The biggest question, though, is …are they cute? The answer is a resounding yes. Maybe it’s because Gary is a father and knows that kids need fun sneakers. Maybe it’s because he knows that people want shoes that are comfortable but also easy to wear. Either way, he created just that. With fun colors like pink, green and blue, these are sneakers to fit every mood. There are also slip-on options for those of us that hate the hassle of laces.


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What Gary has done is revolutionary and the goal is to allow us to recycle the shoes in our recycle bins. I have no doubt that that’s in the near future.

To learn about REKIXX sneakers, click here.

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