Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Michelle Lowe-Holder

Michelle Lowe-Holder Design
Michelle Lowe-Holder Design Egptian-Collars
Michelle Lowe-Holder is a different type of sustainable artist and designer. She uses Ribbon Art to make accessories that are equal parts dramatic and exquisite. A graduate of Parsons and Central Saint Martins, Michelle hails from Canada. With a collaboration with Topshop under her belt, Michelle is slowly becoming one of the premiere designers for the Zero Waste movement.
Michelle Lowe-Holder Design5
Michelle uses excess fabric, upcycled coins and excess military trim, among other materials. One of her suppliers is a British manufacturer that counts Her Majesty The Queen of England as one of their clients. Using these materials, Michelle weaves and creates these elaborate pieces of jewelry that are more statement pieces than accessories. Her pieces are eye-catching in shape and, sometimes, color. Even in the absence of bright colors, the pieces are strong, emanating a personality that defines the wearer. These aren’t jeans and T-shirts pieces. Best paired carefully with minimal outfits that let the pieces take center stage, these items are real conversation starters.
Michelle Lowe-Holder Design4
Click here to see all the collections from Michelle Lowe-Holder.
Michelle Lowe-Holder Egyptian-Collar-&-Painted-Ribbon-Necklaces
Michelle Lowe-Holder Design Hot Pink

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