Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Rapanui

We’re heading to the Isle of Wight, located on the southern coast of the UK, for today’s featured fashion line. Rapanui is a line of award-winning men’s and women’s clothing. Rapanui specializes in cool. They make trendy, of-the-minute fashion that uses eco-conscious methods and materials. The clothing is made in factories that are ethically accredited. The factories are powered by wind and solar energy. Rapanui is also very transparent. They seek to provide traceability from the “seed to the shop”. They are serious about it, they even have a traceability tool. It enables you to track the life cycle of the garment you purchase, from the seed that’s used to make the fabric to the shop it ends up in.
Rapanui Clothing Wolfpack
Founded by Rob and Martin Drake-Knight, this company strongly believes in wearing what you believe. They encourage a laid-back, fun atmosphere at their workplace, ensuring that their 10 employees are happy. They often can be found fishing on their lunch break or enjoying the skating ramp. Worker-satisfaction is a major factor in the battle for fair trade. When people are happy with their jobs, this energy is transferred to the garments they make.
Rapanui Clothing Make Do And Mend
Rapanui uses eco textiles and fabrics. Their clothing is casualwear so it’s very important that the clothes look and feel comfortable. They use organic cotton, hemp and recycled PET, among others. They have found that eco-friendly fabric is actually softer and kinder to the skin. They make t-shirts, sweats, shoes and pants for the laid-back consumer.
Rapanui Clothing Drop Seeds Not Bombs
Rapanui has made a mark in the world of sustainable fashion. They were named one of the Top 100 start-ups for 2008 and they won the Sustain Governance Award in 2011. This is only a few of the many awards they have garnered during their brief lifespan. They have been recognized for their commitment to eco-fashion and designing with a difference.
Check them out here.

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