Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Pantheia

Pantheia Banana Leaf Box
If you would like authentic, sustainably produced clothing, jewelry and handbags from Bali without taking a trip there, check out PantheiaPantheia is a brand based in Bali that makes jewelry, natural clothing and handbags. These items are made by local artisans who have been using the same tools for generations upon generations. Pantheia products help support the local communities in Bali. They encourage the local artisans to infuse their own styles and practices into the items, giving them unique aesthetics. Pantheia’s signature Banana Leaf Boxes are made in the village of Singaraja. The natural banana leaves are dried, cleaned and folded, all by hand, to give your item that one-of-a-kind feel.
Pantheia Rancho Bag
Pantheia’s jewelry consists of a few collections. The 4 Seasons Collection embodies the beauty of the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The Kartika collection is for the woman who wants to be noticed. These are statement pieces that are sure to help you stand-out…in a good way, of course. The Savitar collection takes it’s inspiration from astronomy. These pieces are full of meaning and purpose. The Vishnu collection is all about understated beauty. You can wear these pieces all day, every day.
Pantheia Ring
Pantheia is a celebration of the Balinese people. Get a chance to draw closer to what makes them unique and their view of beauty. To learn more, click here.

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