Carry Your Soul With “Soul Carrier”

Soul Carrier

What happens when scraps of fabrics fall into creative hands? A new line of handbags, of course.

Jennifer Paige Boonlorn, the Arizona based Parsons graduate, is the founder of Soul Carrier, a collection of handbags created using mats of recycled fabrics that have been woven together. Every bag is one of a kind and every piece embodies Boonlorn’s soul.

Jennifer Paige Boonlorn Soul Carrier

Jennifer Paige Boonlorn


The starting point of Soul Carrier was an art project called “The Mannequin Is Our Muse” where Phoenix based creatives were asked to turn mannequins into art, to be displayed at Scottsdale Fashion Square during the grand opening of Barneys. Boonlorn collaborated with a friend on the project and the material used to cover the mannequin was made from strips of recycled fabric.  That material became the inspiration for the first collection of handbags.

Soul Carrier Mannequin

the mannequin that started it all


Soul Carrie has a range of bags to meet different needs. The Kelly Beth tote is perfectly sized to take you to the gym or the farmer’s market. The messenger bag can fit everything you need for school or work. The clutch can double as a laptop case, and the city sack was designer to hold your most important items. All pieces are made from mats of recycled fabric that are sourced from India and sewn in New Jersey. The bags are lined with cotton canvas.

Soul Carrier Clutch

my own clutch with laptop inside


Boonlorn was featured as an emerging designer at the most recent Magic trade show in Las Vegas.

Soul Carrier embodies beauty, creativity, thoughtfulness, and practicality.

Check it out all the styles here!

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