Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Study

Study New York Tara St James

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Study is an eco-conscious label designed by Tara St. James. Born in Canada, she now hails from Brooklyn. Tara started Study in September 2009. Study is veritable… well… study is funky items that emanate that perfect mix of Brooklyn edge and Manhattan cool. Don’t look here for logic-defying stilettos and frills overkill. These are clothes you can live in while effortlessly expressing your personality.

Study uses hand-dyed ikat silks and focuses on a no-waste pattern-making approach to the clothes. Seeking to develop and nurture the future generation of sustainable designers, Tara started Study Hall, an incubator of sorts for designers looking to develop, produce and sell their collections. Tara seeks to develop a sustainable community, in more ways than just designing. She lends her expertise to several organizations to help further the sustainable cause.

Click here to read more about Study, Study Hall and Tara St. James.

Study Dress

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Study

  1. I find it interesting that designers are taking credit for being “eco” when they are still not using local products or workers to make their garments. She designs, then has someone on the other side of the world making it, sending the carbon footprint into giant numbers. It’s not green to have someone 10,000 miles away making your clothes for you, no matter how fair trade the work is that’s being done.

  2. Hi, I agree with you that it’s not right for designer to take credit for being Eco important parts of their business is not. In the case of Study, they produce their clothing locally in the garment center.

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