Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Kasih Co-Op

Kasih Co Op Necklace
Kasih Co-op is a jewelry brand that prides itself on being socially responsible while also giving back to children in need. This brand provides a platform for women entrepreneurs in lesser developed countries and allows them to sell their handmade jewelry items to the world. The company was founded by Ivana Darnawan, who is Indonesian. Supporting women who are trying to gain financial independence and assert themselves is a cause that is close to her heart. She launched Kasih Co-op with the hope of giving these women a creative voice and also providing a marketplace for unique pieces. Kasih Co-op currently offers handmade jewelry from Indonesia. The jewelry includes statement necklaces that effortlessly emanate the strength of the women that made them. Seeing their jewelry sold to the world undoubtedly gives these women an immeasurable sense of pride and accomplishment. It provides them with an invaluable opportunity to grow their businesses beyond their countries.
There’s another great aspect to Kasih Co-op. For every piece of jewelry purchased, a charitable donation will be made in support of a child’s education to Pencils of Promise. This charity focuses on children in Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala, which all have low literacy rates.
For more info click here.
Kasih Co Op Necklace2
Kasih Co Op Necklace3

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