Sunday Funday: Ivy Style Museum At FIT

Ivy League Style Museum At FIT

The museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology recently opened the exhibit “Ivy Style” which examines the beginning of the Ivy League look that is so prevalent today. What started out as a way of dressing at Ivy league colleges like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale in the early 20th century has inspired generations and deeply influenced brands like Brooks Brothers,Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Thom Browne. The relatively small array of classic items like tweed jackets, polo coats, Oxford button-downs, seersucker and khaki have been worn for decades and are still going strong.

The exhibit is arranged in thematic sections like a dorm room, quad, class room, library, and locker room, that evoke the liveliness of an Ivy League campus. Facts, dates and interesting tidbits -like the Ivy style originating at Princeton or the blazer getting its name because of the blazing red cloth first worn in 1825 by members of St. John’s college rowing club at Cambridge University- are intertwined.

If you haven’t yet done so, this exhibit is one to see.

It’s on display until January 5, 2013 and it’s free!

Ivy Style Museum At FIT Exhibit

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