Fridays Eco Fashion Pick: Zero Waste Design

Zero Waste Design Holly McQuillan

Holly McQuillan

by Tabitha St. Bernard


This segment usually focuses on hot new fashion designers. This week, we’re going to focus on a type of design that is steadily gaining steam in the industry. Zero Waste Design is an ideology that is studied in depth by Timo Rissanen. The concept of Zero Waste Design can be interpreted in many ways. It focuses on designing in such a way that none of the fabric is wasted. There are no scraps left to toss out.
Typically 15% of the fabric used to make a garment is thrown away. This usually ends up in landfills because it’s cheaper to toss out the fabric than to figure out how to re-use it. Instead of creating the waste and figuring out what to do with it, why not eliminate the waste in the first place? For anyone who has studied pattern-making and design, it could be a bit mind-blowing. But not only is it possible, it also results in some beautiful clothing.
Timo Rissanen is somewhat of a pioneer for the Zero Waste movement. He is completing a doctorate at the University of Technology Sydney. His dissertation focuses on this different way of designing. It’s definitely not new but it’s been making more noise, lately. The patterns for Zero Waste clothing look even more like a jig saw puzzle than regular patterns. They’re a bit mind-boggling. They take more work, time and effort. The reward though, of knowing that no fabric has been wasted, is immeasurable.
To learn more about Timo Rissanen’s work, click here.
To see some designs and projects that incorporate Zero Waste Design, check out designer Holly McQuillan.
Zero Waste Design Holly McQuillan Black Dress

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