Fridays Eco Fashion Pick: Elena Garcia

I discovered Elena Garcia quite by chance one day and fell in love with her daring designs. She believes in sustainable fashion and her label is described as eco-luxury. Ten year ago, such a term was not mainstream. Now, with the developments in the fabric industry and people’s increased awareness and sense of responsibility, more resources are available for designers to go green. Elena Garcia is known for creating daring designs that are ethereal in their aesthetic. Beautiful but wearable pieces dominate her every collection. She uses traditional techniques to make her clothing. She only use rapidly renewable fabrics that are pesticide-free. A greatly misunderstood perception is that eco-fashion is all about browns and muddy colors that feel rough and grainy against the skin. Elena Garcia dispels these notions with clothing that makes you want to try it on.
Elena Garcia is classified at Pesticide Free, Fair Trade, Local, Ethical and Sustainable. To see her items and learn more about the brand, click here.Elena Garcia Eco StyleElena Garcia Eco Style3.

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