Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick: Circus Freak

Circus Freak Black Dress

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Vintage is a great way to be responsible when shopping. You can give  clothes a second life. All that was old is always new again, at some point. That’s the beautiful cycle of fashion. We seek inspiration from the past and pay homage to timeless designs. Circus Freak Vintage is your go-to place for all things vintage and chic. The clothes are carefully curated so you’re getting styles that are chic, elegant and effortlessly cool. Have you noticed that vintage hemlines are back? I love the below-the-knee look, especially in skirts with a bit of a kick to the hemline. This online store has them aplenty. Vintage sizes can be tricky, so all measurements are listed. You can be sure you’re getting something that fits your body.
Circus Freak Vintage Dress
Circus Freak Dress 2

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