Friday Eco Fashion Pick- Heavy Eco: Made In Prison

Heavy Eco Prison Fashion T-Shirt Russian Prison Woman Lying On Shower Floor
Heavy Eco Prison Fashion Mens Graphic Tattoo T-Shirt Russian Cathedral
Heavy Eco is truly a one-of-a-kind line. The hot designers? They’re prisoners. Eastern European prisoners, to be exact. They’ve made some mistakes in their lives and are now learning how to put their skills to work in a productive and acceptable way. Don’t worry! They get paid for their work, too.
The prisoners make LP courier bags for DJs, messenger bags, wallets, and iPad cases. The bags are made from dead advertising billboards. The prisoners take these billboards and decide how to use the images and the material to make really cool bags. Because they’re made from old billboards, they’re made from PVC so you can be sure the bags can stand up to the test of time and weather.
Heavy Eco Recycled Billboard Tote Bag
Heavy Eco Prison Fashion Recycled Billboard Pink Messenger Bag
Ready for the second stage of awesomeness? These prisoners also make organic T-shirts. They screen print designs inspired by old Russian prison tattoos. Think Ed Hardy with more authenticity and a million times cooler. The T-Shirts are made from organic cotton and printed with water based dyes. They cotton is sourced from India with respect workers’ rights and fair trade standards. These T-Shirts are conversation starters.
Heavy Eco Prison Fashion T-Shirt Russian Prison Tattoo Cat With A Hat Smoking Pipe
Heavy Eco is a brand making a direct difference in the lives of its designers. But they didn’t just leave it at that. Fifty percent of their profits are donated to SOS Children’s Village in Estonia to help kids who are homeless or living in orphanages. This brand is  striving to be responsible in more than one way.  I so love that!

To learn more about Heavy Eco, click here.

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