Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick- Green Tease

 Green Tease Super Fun Upcycled City Scene fabric Mini
I LOVE the print on this mini. It’s also very forgiving around the hip and thigh region.
I happened upon this brand while browsing Twitter and fell in love with what they do. Green Tease makes upcycled clothing. Upcycling is a cool way to update your wardrobe, without having to go shopping. It’s pretty much remaking your clothes into new items. The best part is each item is one-of-a-kind so you can be sure that you won’t have the same outfit as anyone else. If you want to do it yourself, try shopping at yard sales or vintage stores, where things are uber cheap and have already had another life. There are so many ways to re-do tees and jeans. I’m a little bit obsessed with all the cool ways they show to change-up a basic tee. You can add drawstring, elastic, etc.  If you’re not handy with your sewing, check out what Green Tease has to offer, after all they specialize in this.
Green Tease Eco Friendly Refashioned Oversized Off the Shoulder T
Check out the sleeve detailing on this tee.
Green Tease Sexy Eco Friendly Backless Knotted TLoving the back emphasis on this one.

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