Friday’s Eco Fashion Pick- Pluggz Sandals

Pluggz Sandals

Pluggz Sandals

by Tabitha St. Bernard

Have you ever wished that you could walk barefooted on grass all the time? Living in New York, that’s quite a luxury. Whenever I get the chance to take my shoes off at the park, I do. There’s something about the feel of fresh grass between my toes that just feels so good. Apparently, there’s a reason for that. The earth is a great source of energy. When you walk barefoot on the earth, you absorb the earth’s energy in the form of electrons. This leads to us feeling more grounded and healthy. Sound a bit out there? Well, this is what Pluggz sandals does-they help reconnect our energy even when we can’t walk on the grass. I tried them out myself. I’ve been wearing the sandals for the past 3-4 days and I’ve realized a difference. As with anything to do with energy, it’s hard to explain. I wondered if it could be the rubber in the flip-flops or maybe just the comfort of not going barefoot on my hardwood floors. Or maybe it’s that the connection with energy is missing. As I type this, I’m not wearing them and I miss them, on my feet. Pluggz makes a major difference. The flip-flops are made with back plugs made from a custom carbon and rubber compound. It sits under the weight-bearing section of your feet. This helps enable the electrical contact between your body and the earth. Pretty cool, right? Click here for more info.

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