We Are All Chained To Our Personal Garbage

We Are All Chained To Our Personal Garbage

Ok, so not literally…But what if we were…


Everything we consume leaves a personal garbage legacy. We don’t keep track of what we throw out, and we forget about it quickly. But our waste doesn’t go away as easily as our memory of it. It sits in a landfill out there somewhere, getting sun, getting rained on, and getting scavenged by birds. We are chained to our garbage even if it’s only figuratively. It piles up as we grow and consume more.


What if the garbage we create really was chained to us? What if we literally had to drag it around everyday? Our consumption would be totally out in the open, exposed for everyone to see. People would probably be more conscious of how and what they consumed.


Consumption is a part of life, yes, but we need to learn to be smarter about it, and create products that won’t be around longer than either you or I will be.



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