Sustainable Brand ELSA AND ME Launch Party & Interview

By Nevena Rousseva
In 2009, amid the recession, Swedish born Brooklyn-based Maja Svensson left her corporate job and launched ELSA and ME, a brand that fills the gap of sustainable business wear for women. Elsa and Me reinforces traditional business attire and explores the concepts of comfortable, eco-friendly and stylish work wear. The signature Elsa dress is designed to empower women in the board room, but still help them feel like a lady.
Last night Elsa and Me launched the Midnight Blue edition of the Elsa dress at FIKA. Each new color is presented by a professional woman, with Maria Carrell, one of the most successful female CEO’s in Sweden as the face of Midnight Blue edition.
Elsa And Me Dress Launch Party At Fika
Designer Maja Svensson Wearing Elsa And Me Dress Launch Party At Fika

Designer Maja Svensson on the right


Shopper Trying On White Elsa And Me Dress Launch Party At Fika

Trying on the white Elsa dress


Women Wearing Elsa And Me Dresses Launch Party At Fika

All smiles in the Elsa dress


I tried on the black dress and absolutely loved it! It fit great and I felt great! The Elsa dress makes the power suit feel blah.
Me Wearing Black Elsa And Me Dress Launch Party At Fika

Me in the black Elsa dress

I had the opportunity to ask Maja some questions prior to the launch. Here is what she had to say.
1. What made you leave your corporate job to start designing?
I guess I have realized lately that it is difficult to change the personality traits of being an entrepreneur. It is difficult being part of an organization or company where you want to change a lot of things, and when you notice things might not be changeable it is time for you to move on (and maybe change isn’t always good). If you are an entrepreneur it is difficult working for someone else, and there comes a time when you either have to do your own thing, or never do it – I do believe that is a struggle for any entrepreneur-type, I believe you are drawn to doing your own thing stronger than others.
I had, had ELSA AND ME as a side project for approx. 2 years, and since sales had started to pick up, I saw the opportunity to take the leap, or never do it – So I did.

2. Where did you find your inspiration for the Elsa dress?
From my grandma Elsa and her timeless, elegant and classic style. I also wanted the design to flatter the woman’s body, and focused on creating a dress with a smaller waist (most women, despite size has a smaller waist), with more room for differences in bust and hip. I think that has made the dress fit and flatter so many different women and sizes.

3. What kind of a woman do you design for?
The typical woman would be the professional woman looking for a dress for work or a dress for a formal setting. It is a dress that makes women feel feminine, and combining professionalism with being feminine is what I want to empower. Women should be able to be women when they do business, if they want to.

Elsa And Me Midnight Blue Dress Maria Carell

Maria Carell

4. Who is Maria Carrell and why did you choose her to present the Midnight Blue Elsa dress?

Maria Carrell was listed as one of the most powerful women in Sweden in 2011, while she was the CEO of Q-Med – a global corporation in medical devices with HQ in Sweden. I have myself always been inspired by women that do take on challenges that might have not been available for women before. I believe the most important thing for all individuals is to have role models, to look up to, and the more diversified the role models, the more opportunities I think the more people will be able to see exist. 
Maria was picked for the Midnight Blue color, since the color is also a common business color, and we thought she incorporates well the classic look of a professional woman.

5. You work with sustainable fabrics and incorporate sustainability into other areas of Elsa and Me. Why is sustainability important to you?
Sustainability is important to me, because I think the word sustainable is one of the most important words we have in our vocabulary. If people could choose, and knew their choice I think what we all want is to sustain something. You want to sustain relationships, sustain your finances, sustain your home, sustain your garden etc … I think it is important for people to at least have one area in their life that’s sustainable. Sustainable to me, means that you make a choice today that will also be a good choice for yourself and for others tomorrow and in 100 years. It might not be possible to do that in every single area you are involved with, but I believe that should at least be what people aim to do. Therefore I wanted to create designs and a brand that people want to wear today, and in 100 years, and that use materials that are more sustainable than other materials, which means producing the material doesn’t exploit our land and that the choice of getting dressed up in the designs is not for a short term trend purpose (like the $10 “going out this evening top” you buy at H&M).
6. What’s next?
We have more exciting colors coming up in a few weeks! And new colors and fabrics of the ELSA dress will be introduced for fall. 2012 will be the year of the ELSA dress.
To get the Elsa dress click here.

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