HONEST BY Revolutionizing Fashion’s Transparency

Honest By Bruno PietersHonest By Bruno Pieters Sleeveless Linen Wrap Dress

I just read about Honest By a new fashion brand by designer Bruno Pieters that is changing the rules of the fashion game. Not only is the brand mostly sustainable, using recycled, vegan, organic and skin friendly fabrics, but also transparent about its supply chain and pricing. For specific items, like the sleeveless linen wrap dress above, you can learn everything about the materials, like who made the fabric, lining, and trims, as well as info on all the certificates, where and by who it was manufactured, and the most controversial part…the pricing breakdown.  The breakdown is very detailed, specifying the cost of all materials, labor, and marketing.

Another important aspect is the carbon footprint breakdown. For the dress above the total transportation was calculated, and the impact of all materials combined equaled to 2.15 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to driving a car for 13.44 km (8.35 miles) or using a classic light bulb for 82.69 hours. It will take one tree approximately 241 days to absorb and neutralize the amount of CO2 created.

The concept is truly bold and very exciting! 

Here is the  article where I read about the company.

Seeing the pricing breakdown reminds me of the controversy I have been reading on why clothes cost what they do. It started with an infographic created by e-tailer Everlane which suggest that retailers are ripping off consumers by over charging for clothing. Click here for more on this.

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