World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt: Update

I got an email response from the Superlative Luxury team, makers of this $400,000 t-shirt.  They answered my question about the production of the organic cotton saying “The cotton for our t-shirt has been sourced from farms which harvest by hand, without mechanization, and because organic farming does not use petroleum-based chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide; it is less reliant on fossil fuels. . My cotton supplier is also highly ethical and is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard and by the Fair Wear Foundation for ethical labour practices throughout its supply chain. The cotton supplier refuses cotton from Uzbekistan where the use of forced child labour is endemic. This follows the recommendations of the Environmental Justice Foundation ‘Clean Cotton Campaign’. The complete traceability of certified organic cotton allows us to make this guarantee.”

They said absolutely nothing about their use of clean energy.

If I was to spend that much money on their t-shirt I would want to know more about the production of the t-shirt, which they are not readily sharing.

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