World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt: Diamonds + Environmentally Friendly + Organic

The Worlds Most Expensive T-Shirt $400,000This baby will cost you a mere $400,000. Not bad if you are a gazillionaire. The t-shirt is made from organic cotton, using only renewable energy sources like wind and solar power and represents a CO2 reduction of 90% compared to traditional t-shirt production. On top of that it is embellished with 16 certified hand-set diamonds.

The price itself is not troublesome to me. The diamonds are just extra fluff.  What I wonder about most is how much of the price is due to the use of the renewable energy and organic cotton? Even if 99% of the price is due to other costs that’s still $4,000 for using sustainable resources to create 1 t-shirt. It that what it cost for creating a “clean” basic garment?

I emailed the company and inquired about their use of renewal energy. I also asked about the organic cotton they use and if it’s produced with renewable energy, or more conventionally. That too is very important.  Lets see what they say.

For more on the t-shirt click here.

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