Wrap Yourself In Decadence: Nuraxi Trunk Show Today

Nuraxi Blanket Shawl

I love the Nuraxu alpaca blanket shawl I have wrapped around me. It is so decadent. For those who want a taste, you are in luck!  Nuraxi is having a trunk show today in the East Village.  For those that are not yet familiar with the brand, Nuraxi knits are made from the finest quality alpaca, wool, and cotton gathered from sustainable sources and most items are made entirely by hand or are hand-finished by artisans.


NURAXI Holiday Trunk Show

Tuesday, December 20th
1pm to 6pm at the Yin Ova Center

Yin Ova Center
74 East 11th Street (btw. Broadway & University)
New York, NY 10003

3 thoughts on “Wrap Yourself In Decadence: Nuraxi Trunk Show Today

  1. Are we all interconnected? The answer is yes, of course, but how can we be sure??… I follow revolution apparel on twitter and FB because one of my old friends from HS (who is a blogger) told me to check them out. My HS friend knows that I search out sustainable fashion. I adore them and I can’t wait for production on the versalette. I think it will be an amazing piece to carry in my business. Revolution posted about the stylestartup. Style start up posts about a Nuraxi trunk show at the Yinova Center today. Okay, here comes the personal connection. 🙂 My acupuncturist, Mary Sabo, relocated last summer to Yinova from Chicago’s Source Healing. Mary is truly a healer and seeing her was life-changing for me. Did I mention that I was originally seeing Mary when I was a stress case and an emotional wreck mired in corporate America?? She started my healing process that led me to a place of recognition and peace to be able to pursue a passion of mine. Green fashion. I launched a new business this year and opened an eco-friendly boutique, EmBo., in Chicago 3 months ago. Ahh… And now I really want to check out Nuraxi. Sorry this is a book. I thought you might appreciated a small example of the interconnectedness of the world today. Thanks! Heather@shopembo.com

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