{R}evolution Apparel Revolutionizing Clothing With The Versalette

Revolution Apparel Versalette

The Versalette worn as a top, skirt, & dress

{r}evolution apparel, the brain child of entrepreneurs, Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead is making its mark with the signature piece, the Versalette — a multi-functional garment that can be worn over 15 different ways. The idea for a minimalist, travel clothing line was sparked after the two friends backpacked around the world as recent post-grads. I had the pleasure of meeting Kristin at the Future of Fashion discussion last week.  I had just read this article on their company earlier that day.

Revolution Apparel Versalette 15 Ways To Wear

This is their first piece, and it’s being brought to market through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The company is raising capital through pre-sales of the Versalette and will begin production after the close of the campaign. The goal was to raise $20,000 by Dec. 22.  So far the Versalette has raised over $35,000. Way to go!

Glenn and Whitehead hope to “revolutionize fashion” with the Versalette, and later, the 10 other ultra-functional pieces of their line. The company was founded on the premise of “doing more with less” by designing versatile apparel, promoting sustainable production methods, and encouraging others to make mindful purchases.

The Versalette is made in the USA with 100%  recycled materials.

You can pre-order your Versalette here.


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