What is Wearable Philanthropy? It’s Love + Water Designs

Love + Water Heart Logo

What happens when design and charities combine? Really cool Wearable Philanthropy.  Alexis Fedor, the founder of Love + Water has created a community that connects artist with charities through t-shirt design projects in the name of different charities. Artists are invited to submit designs for a featured charity and  the community votes on their favorite. The winning design is printed on a limited edition t-shirt and sold on the web site. The artist is awarded a cash prize and up to 50% of the profit is donated to the charity.  All t-shirts used are made by Alternative Apparel and printed at Works In Progress, a non- profit organization in the East Village that teaches inner city high-school kids the process of silk screen printing.


SOBRO Jacob's Cure Logos


This month’s featured charity projects are for SOBRO and Jacob’s Cure. SOBRO’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in the South Bronx by strengthening businesses and creating innovative economic, housing, educational, and career development programs for youth and adults. Jacob’s Cure is dedicated to raising the funds necessary to cure Canavan disease, a fatal genetic brain disorder that affects children at birth.


Join the Love + Water community, get inspired, and submit your design!

Here are some of the winning designs.  Each t-shirt supports a different charity.

Love And Water Wearable Philanthropy

Love + Water Wearable Philanthropy


And just in time for the holidays, Love + Water is having a countdown sale! Each week a new shirt will be on sale for $15.  Pick up one for yourself or as a present. They make great gifts and contribute to important causes.


For more information


Twitter: @LoveandWater

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/loveandwaterdesigns

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