A Return To Loving Your Clothing: Sustainable Australian Designers

I just read this article “Style and Sustainability” from Australian news site The Age.  This is a beautifully written article that clearly spells out the dynamics that are at play between the current toxic state of  fashion with its  “glut-fashion, poly-crap” and the realities of being a sustainable designer and the current limitations  and obstacles faced. The authors solution to the over consumption of clothing? A return to truly loving your clothing. It’s a must read.  Through it I discovered these Australian brands that have made sustainability their priority. Kudos to them!


Bento Knits Denim Shorts

Bento was born from the idea that all fashion didn’t have to be throwaway and fashion forward. Effortless, timeless and enduring, are the principles behind this brand. Each and every piece goes from concept to completion within 20km of Bento’s  studio in Melbourne, Australia.



Thursday To Sunday

Thursday, Sunday is a label fresh in thought and modern in its ideals.  All garments are made in Australia using natural fibers and all knitwear is 100% hand-made.


Tiffany Treloar

For Tiffany Treloar sustainable design is about taking the right steps to find the best alternatives to conventional methods. For Project 332, her sustainable line  she uses organic cotton, linen and lyocell. Project 332 led to auditing the carbon footprint of Treloar’s St Kilda studio, which achieved a four star rating.


mUCKEMucke uses reclaimed clothing to make new pieces. This dress is made from two recycled shirts.



Sosume uses high-quality organic and natural fabrics like tencel, cupro, and raw silk, that have the least environmental impact on society.

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