Redefining Luxury Fashion: MAIYET Spring 2012 Paris Debut

Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion ShowMaiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show2Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show3Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show4Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show5Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show6Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show7Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show8Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show9Maiyet Spring 2012 Fashion Show10


Maiyet,named after the Egyptian goddess of truth and harmony is a first in luxury fashion. The brainchild of human rights lawyer Paul Van Zyl and industry talent Kristy Caylor aims to promote world development through high-end consumption, by working with only artisans in developing countries like Colombia, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, and India. The duo spent six months pre-debut sourcing materials from artisan communities in these countries.

Final products are put together in small factories in Italy.

The spring collection will be sold exclusively at Barneys.

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