“Fast-Fashion” H&M Is Detoxing Thanks To Greenpeace

H&M Detox Our Future Campaign Greenpeace Detox our Future Detox Our Watersource

Greenpeace announced yesterday that H&M has committed to eliminate discharges of all hazardous chemicals across all supply chains, and entire product life-cycle by 2020. H&M has also agreed to publicise information about chemicals being released from its suppliers’ factories. The first round of information is by the end of 2012, and will include H&M’s key suppliers in China and other countries.

The Swedish fast-fashion giant agreed to get rid of the chemicals after Greenpeace Detox activists in 12 countries spent a week sticking huge “Detox our future!” and “Detox our water!” stickers on the shop windows of H&M stores. Online activists and H&M fans from around the world also showed support for the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.The 10 week old Detox campaign already has Nike, Addidas, and Puma on board, all pledging to rid toxic chemicals in their supply chains and product life-cycles by 2020.

Greenpeace research confirmed that H&M has links to factories discharging a range of hazardous chemicals into China’s rivers, and that clothing, including kids clothing, sold by H&M, contain chemicals that are known hormone disruptors and can be hazardous even at very low levels.

A small victory for the environment.

For more information click here.

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