Daniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 Presentation

Daniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 White Taylored Shirt Dress
Daniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 Cut Out JacketDaniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 Black Blazer Black Cut Out Pants Gold PantsDaniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 StripesDaniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 Red OutfitDaniella Kallmeyer Spring 2012 Outfits
Daniella Kallmeyer former contestant on Bravo’s The Fashion Show presented her Spring 2012 collection last night to a crowd of 300 at the Honey space. Guests strolled through the artfully displayed collection in one room and watched a video presentation in another, while sipping cocktails and making new friends.

For wholesale orders contact The Fringe showroom.

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