Eco Brands Showing At Nolcha Fashion Week

Nolcha Fashion Week

Afia Fashion Collection Innovation Award Winner Ethical Fashion Forum

This year quite a few sustainable brands will be showing at Nolcha Fashion Week, Sept. 8-13th. Nolcha is a leading global platform advancing the business of independent fashion designers and retailers via social e-commerce, fashion week events and an educational video portal.

Nolcha will be having an Accessories & Apparel Exhibition as well as 3 runway shows @ The Metropolitan Pavilion 17th St betw. 6th & 7th Ave on September 12th.  The winners of the of the Innovation Award at the Ethical Fashion Forum, Afia, Carrie Parry, and Soham Dave will be showing their collections during the Exhibition. Other sustainable designers participating in the exhibition include: Rainbow People, Reflections African Jewelry, and Stay by Mar (for Care For Kenya).

Sustainable brands Daisy & Elizabeth, Zula Studio, and Maleku Jewelry will be showing their designs during one of the runway shows.

For more info on all the shows and events for Nolcha Fashion Week click here.

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