Unifi Launches the REPREVE Textile Takeback Program

Unifi Polartec Repreve Textile Takeback Program

Unifi Yarns

Unify, producer and processor of multi-filament polyester and nylon textured yarns, has launched The REPREVE Textile Takeback Program. Motivated by the fact that “millions of pounds of textile manufacturing scraps end up in landfills every year” Unify will give these scraps a second chance by recycling them back into REPREVE recycled fibers.

The REPREVE Program will recycle various polyester based fabrics like supply chain waste and post-consumer fabrics that have reached their end of life. Roger Berrier, president and COO of Unifi said “The industry continues to focus on ways to reduce textile fabric waste throughout the supply chain, however as a bi-product of manufacturing, waste is still created. The Textile Takeback Program provides the industry with a responsible and sustainable outlet for this waste, while expanding the growth and reach of the REPREVE brand.”

Polartec, maker of recycled fabrics, is teaming up with Unifi to collect polyester cut-waste from Polartec and recycle it back into Polartec exclusive REPREVE 100 yarn. The yarn will be a blend of recycled plastic bottles and recycled fabric and will be used to produce performance Polartec fabrics for the outdoor apparel market.

According to Andy Vecchione, president and CEO of Polartec, “In typical garment manufacturing, 8 to 15 percent of all fabric produced becomes cut-waste left over after panels are cut. This fabric has historically been down cycled into batting or simply sent to the landfill. We can now use this waste stream to create new, first-quality performance Polartec fabrics. Polartec has pioneered the recycled fabric category and we continue our commitment to reducing our overall footprint.”

By end of  2011 Polartec will utilize REPREVE 100 recycled yarns in over 40% of total production. They expect that number to grow in 2012 and beyond.

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