Net-A-Porter Live Streaming Of World Shopping

Net A Porter Live Streaming Of Shopping Around The World

Check out Net-A-Porter’s Live streaming of customer activity around the world. It shows what designer pieces is”added to shopping cart” or “wishlist” form what part of the world (city and country). The live streaming also shows how many customers are currently online. As a write this there are 13,828 users online. This is absolutely brilliant!

If you are a designer selling at Net-A-Porter, or aspiring to sell there (like me) pay close attention. This is market research at it’s best, and its free! Last night I couldn’t tear myself away b/c it is so fascinating to see what people are drawn to in what part of the world.  Right away I spotted shopping trends. The US customers were going for the understated pieces, while the Middle Eastern customers were choosing bolder prints and flashier pieces. Currently the Alexander McQueen skull-print silk-chiffon scarf and  Mui Mui bags are selling all over!

You can also click on the different N-A-P shopping bags in an area to see what else has been “added”. I will be glued to this all day. This is the smartest, coolest thing I’ve found recently.

Check it out!

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