Teich Boutique – West Village

Teich Store

Teich Store West Village Window

By Nevena Rousseva

Teich is a return to the Mom and Pop shop. Allison Teich- McGowan, the owner of Teich says “We came up with the concept of shop Mom and Pop. We are a local, mom and pop shop selling local brands and independent labels. It’s an anecdote to Bleecker street where everything is big brands.” The store holds true, selling her signature locally made handbags, sustainable jewelry, organic kids t-shirts, handcrafted toys, locally made skin care products, and local art.

McGowan opened the first Teich store in the East Village a few years ago, sharing the space with a jewelry designer friend. The West Village store opened just a few weeks ago. McGowan, who lives in the West Village, saw the available space as “a good opportunity to open a store close to home.”

McGowan began designing bags in 2004 and works with sustainable materials like organic cotton canvas, and deer skin leather. She produces the bags in small quantities at a factory in Brooklyn.

What is her design inspiration? “I’m most inspired by New York and being a New Yorker” says McGowan, and adds “When we leave our house we carry everything on us, we don’t have cars and you really want to have everything well organized. So number one, I keep that lifestyle in mind, what New Yorkers or city dwellers would want.” She continues with “I like clean lines with a bag, that won’t overpower your outfit. I work with color but found over the years that simplicity is often appreciated.”

Teich has a very cozy neighborhood feel and people have noticed. McGowan says the best part so far has been “meeting all the people who live in the neighborhood and stop by, everyone is so friendly.”

If you are in the West Village make sure you stop in!

Teich Signature Bag Black Canvas Red Leather

Teich Signature Bag

Teich Signature Bag

Teich Bag

Teich Jewelry Hat Display

Sustainable Jewelry

Teich Store Hand Made Stuffed Animals Teddy Bears

Handmade Teddy Bears

Teich Store Display Hand Carved Wood Toys

Handmade Toys

Teich Store Inside

Teich Interior, all photos Shaun Forney


West Village Location: 22 8th Ave at 12th St.  p: 212-537-6630

East Village Location: 84 East 7th St, near 1st Ave p: 212-260-0676

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