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I’m taking a branding class at FIT. Tonight’s class was extra great. We had a guest speaker, a guy named Chance Spiessbach. If you don’t know him yet you probably will in the next couple of years.  Two years ago he quit his job on Wall Street and decided he wanted to be a part of Hollywood. Fast forward to today, he has interviewed all the Hollywood A-listers, designers, models, photographers, everybody who is anybody, and they all love him! He had no experience and didn’t know anyone in the business.

How did he do it? Tenacity, Determination and Fearlessness.

Here is what I learned from Chance.

1. Do your homework and BE READY at all times. Chance’s example was when he interviewed a rapper on a radio show and asked him to rap live for listeners. The rapper wasn’t prepared. Missed opportunity. If you are a designer have photos of your clothes on your phone at all times, or carry a lookbook with you. Be ready when the opportunity comes.

2. Embellish the truth to get your foot in the door. It’s hard to break into any industry, especially entertainment and fashion. Do everything you can to get yourself in there, that includes embellishing, a lot.

3. Differentiate yourself from the crowd. Pay close attention to what your competition is doing, study them, and do the opposite.

4. Cut loose the people around you who are not on your team. When you have a vision and are starting out, there are so many aspects to focus on. Don’t waste your energy trying to convince the non-believers. If the negativity is coming from people you don’t want to cut out like family and close friends, tell them you will not discuss your work with them anymore. This way the peace is kept and you can stay focused and trek forward.

See all his interviews at

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