Versace for H&M…Yawn

pic: vogue

This is the least exciting news I’ve heard in the last 24 hrs.

Another designer collection for H&M. How boring and overdone. In the beginning this trend was exciting, yes. Owning a piece from Stella McCartney for H&M or Alexander McQueen for Target that I can afford- I couldn’t wait! But I’ve been disappointed by all these lines and the two pieces I own from Jean Paul Gaultier for Target and Sonya Rykiel for H&M, I now view as bad purchases. The quality of these garments is poor- cheap fabric, bad construction, and low-grade sewing.

These collections are not the real thing. They are representation of the real thing, an under a $100 illusion. I love Lanvin, but I didn’t jump at the H&M collection. I imagine it was one of the better qualities, but still I didn’t want that Lanvin, I want the real Lanvin.

I wonder what’s the motivation for top-tier brands like Versace, Lanvin, and Stella McCartney, to do these collections. Are they strapped for money? Do they just want hype? Are they somehow pressured by these big retail chains? Are they just following a trend?

These collaborations dilute a brand, not enhance it. When brands are out of reach, they are coveted, they are special. Now all these collaborations are turning real fashion into a commodity.

I’d rather save up for a year to own a designer piece than buy the watered down versions because I want the quality, I want the exquisiteness of the real deal.

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