Concert: Dispatch

good time

My friend Erica and I. She is the one that brough me to the concert.


in the flesh

This girl's outfit screamed SUMMER. I love the red, white, and blue top with the itty-bitty white shorts.

Last night I went to the Dispatch show at Terminal 5. I know who they are but have never really listened to them.

I was pleasantly surprised because it was so much fun! It felt like a big post college frat party with really good live music. People weren’t standing around with arms crossed, bopping their heads. They were dancing, drinking, and fully enjoying themselves.

The girls had an energetic summer vibe with easy dresses, short shorts, headbands and braids in their hair. The guys were mostly in polos and button down shirts with a sprinkling of black v-necks and gold chains.

Dispatch were unpretentious, played hard, and showed lots of gratitude at the end. They had a blast on stage, as did the crowd.

My take away from last night was show people a good time, have a good time yourself, and be gracious.


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